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American Football Podcast tells the untold tale of the rough-and-tumble origins of the National Football League. Produced and presented by Michael Strahan and narrated by Kate Mara, this podcast reaches back into the past to explain the dirty, bloody, and tumultuous beginnings of America's most popular sport.


Born from the grassroots of Middle America in the early 20th century, football exploded in popularity but quickly became rife with class conflict both on the field and off. Together, new immigrants and the American underclass fought to play a brand-new sport that defined the American spirit but was controlled by the American elite.


American Football is a fast-paced tale about the creation of the game as it transitions from an amateur sport defined by drama and corruption to one of the most premier leagues in the world. The central figures in this story, some famous and some forgotten, drive forward this drama series that mirrors American history.


From The HISTORY Channel, SMAC Productions, and Misher Films, American Football brings together today’s greatest players, coaches, and personalities to explore the history of the sport. It features a play-by-play format that recreates classic games using the renowned voices of our modern era. Listen as each episode introduces us to the extraordinary heroes whose dreams and desires shaped football into what it is today.

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